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I spoke to Ray a few times when I didn't get my home protection paperwork then I finally did it did look legit but come to find out it wasn't thank goodness nothing went wrong that year.

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Arkidus is a scam and Reinaldo (Ray) Berges is a crook. The Fl. Dept. of Insurance has revoked his license (he actually didn't have all of the required licenses in the first place) but that is all they could do. So he is free to do whatever he wants provided he doesn't sell insurance anymore. I know of at least one venture that he is starting which means Ray will likely be scamming again. We can't let him get away with this. We all need to... Read more

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I too lost 450.00 to this company. I Purchased an Extended Home Warranty with them in March of 2012. I called them recently as I was having a plumbing issue in my bathroom. Now I am over 300.00 out of pocket for the repair. I did reach someone and was told that the company had gone out of business and someone would get back to me. Of course no one has. I did do my research before purchasing this but as you can see it didn't seem to... Read more

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I bought extended coverage for a total of $450 back in April 2012. I had a need to call Arkidus now for a service as my tenants oven wasn't heating up. I found out that they have run out of business entirely. It was a surprize as there was no communication at all. When I purchased the service, I checked their reviews which they probably made up on somehow. This site also needs to have a way to verify that... Read more

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Arkitus Agent Henry R initiated my contract in July, $237.50 was dispersed at sign on at contract, never collected the 30 days later balance ($237.50) as statated in e-mail. In Nov we had a plumbing problem and was not able to get thu to file a claim, phones constantly busy. Emailed as well with no reply. Dispatchged a local plumber repair costing $206.00. Fowarded repair invoice via email with no reply. feelling scammed I researched Arkidus ad... Read more

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I purchased a contract with Arkidus in May 2012. I used them for the first time in July for an AC cooling issue. Although it took many calls to help them coordinate the work and get a company out here that Arkidus contracted with, the work got done. My overall experience was not pleasant but the end result was my AC got fixed... BUT.. I just received a letter from a collection agency who is trying to collect money for the AC company that never... Read more

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I purchased AHP plan in April 2012. I thought it was reasonable, $197.50 down, and I did a little research prior to purchasing the plan. In June 2012, I attempted several times to contact the agent (Camilo) who presented the plan to me. As of this date, Sept. 25, 2012, I've yet to make telephone contact with the agent or anyone with customer service. I did get my air conditioner unit serviced out of pocket. If the Arkidus Home Proection... Read more

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Like a multitude of others, I am out several hundred dollars on a premium policy. Now that I need to have my refrigetor looked at, he has disappeared off the face of the earth. Only a busy signal regardless what number I call. I have now read more than a hundred other reports of his fraud. I will join all efforts to have him prosecuted. Do not fall for this scam. Do not fall for it. Do not fall for it. Do not fall for it. Do not fall for it.... Read more

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Needle *** Ray Burges not only owns Arkidus home protection, he also owns a home security company under the s same name. He is a 26 year old liar and scam artist that is stealing people's money and not holding up to his end of the contract. As of today, his phones are off and his messages have changeD so I am assuming he is closing shop to start another scam. I had a PI friend in South FL do some digging and this ray charachter is... Read more

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I shopped hard looking for a home warranty before purchasing a home. Arkidus seemed to generate highly favorable reviews from several seemingly independent sources. Even BBB gave them an "A" where most home warranty companies garnered a B,C, or D. Closed the real estate deal 6/8/12 which is when they were paid; then I had a warranty claim in July - no response, no service, phones always busy. Since then I see BBB rates them an "F" and... Read more

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